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20.05.2014: Today the version for Apple Store is issued. Game is optimized under both devices: Iphone and Ipad. Download game

30.03.2014: I updated Fishing on the Maldives in Google Play Store. Game process is improved. And also new episode "Sunset pier" is added. Play and enjoy!

01.03.2014: I added a new application in Google Play Store. In the near future I plan to issue a game version for Apple Store.

The game Fishing on the Maldives is a fascinating immersion into the world of the Maldive islands and the underwater kingdom of the Indian Ocean. You enjoy your holidays fishing near the "Coral reef" and the "Coconut island". But don't lose your head while fishing, beware of the dangerous sharks. They try to interfere with your leisure time. Be courageous and use your oar to strike them.

Fishing on the Maldives Fishing on the Maldives


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I'm Yuriy Katerin, a developer from Russia. I have worked on various projects in Distant Learning, Publishing, E-Commerce and other Internet services. Currently I implement my experience in analytics, programming, marketing and design using mobile technologies.



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